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Featured paper

Memristive memory

8. Y. Li, Y. Ding, X. Zhang*, S. Jia, W. Wang, Y. Li, M. Wang, H. Jiang*, Q. Liu*, N. Xu, and M. Liu, “Fatigue of NbOx-based locally active memristors—Part II: mechanisms and modeling”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 70(12), 6606 (2023).

7. Y. Ding, Y. Li, S. Jia, P. Chen, X. Zhang*, W. Wang, Y. Li, Y. Hao, J. Bi, T. Gong, H. Jiang*, M. Wang, Q. Liu*, N. Xu, and M. Liu, “Fatigue of NbOx-based locally active memristors—Part I: experimental characteristics”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 70(12), 6600 (2023).

6. Y. Zhang#, G.-Q. Mao#, X. Zhao#*, Y. Li, M. Zhang, Z. Wu, W. Wu, H. Sun, Y. Guo, L. Wang, X. Zhang, Q. Liu, H. Lv, K.-H. Xue*, G. Xu, X. Miao, S. Long*, and M. Liu*, “Evolution of the conductive filament system in HfO2-based memristors observed by direct atomic-scale imaging”, Nature Communications 12, 7232 (2021).

5. D. Xiang, R. Zhang, Y. Li, C. Ye*, E. Miranda, J. Suñé, and S. Long*, “An improved analytical model for the statistics of SET emergence point in HfO2 memristive device”, AIP Advances 9, 025118 (2019).

4. Y. Li, M. Zhang, S. Long*, J. Teng, Q. Liu, H. Lv, E. Miranda, J. Suñé, and M. Liu*, “Investigation on the conductive filament growth dynamics in resistive switching memory via a universal Monte Carlo simulator”, Scientific Reports 7, 11204 (2017).

3. Y. Li, S. Long*, Q. Liu, H. Lv, and M. Liu*, “Resistive switching performance improvement via modulating nanoscale conductive filament, involving the application of two‐dimensional layered materials”, Small 13, 1604306 (2017) - selected as cover picture.

2. Y. Li, H. Sun, M. Zhang, S. Long*, Q. Liu, H. Lv, J. Suñé, and M. Liu, “Statistical analysis of “tail bits” phenomena with defect clustering in RESET switching process of RRAM devices”, 2017 IEEE 24th International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA).

1. H. Sun, M. Zhang, Y. Li, S. Long*, Q. Liu, H. Lv, J. Suñé, and M. Liu, “A cell-based clustering model for the reset statistics in RRAM”, Applied Physics Letters 110, 123503 (2017).

Spintronics and skyrmionics

8. Y. Li*, Y. Zang, R. Chen, and C. Moutafis*, “Tailoring energy barriers of Bloch-point-mediated transitions between topological spin textures”, Physical Review B 109, 024418 (2024).

7. R. Chen*, Y. Li, W. Griggs, Y. Zang, V. F. Pavlidis, and C. Moutafis* “Encoding and multiplexing information signals in magnetic multilayers with fractional skyrmion tubes”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 15(28), 34145 (2023).

6. Y. Li*, S. Mankovsky, S. Polesya, H. Ebert, and C. Moutafis*, “Magnetic Bloch-point hopping in multilayer skyrmions and associated emergent electromagnetic signatures”, Physical Review B (letter) 104, L140409 (2021).

5. R. Chen*, Y. Li, V. F. Pavlidis, and C. Moutafis*, “Skyrmionic interconnect device”, Physical Review Research 2, 043312 (2020).

4. J. Vijayakumar, Y. Li, D. Bracher, C. W. Barton, M. Horisberger, T. Thomson, J. Miles, C. Moutafis, F. Nolting, and C. A. F. Vaz*, “Meronlike spin textures in in-plane-magnetized thin films”, Physical Review Applied 14, 054031 (2020).

3. R. Chen*, C. Li, Y. Li, J. J. Miles, G. Indiveri, S. Furber, V. F. Pavlidis, and C. Moutafis*, “Nanoscale room-temperature multilayer skyrmionic synapse for deep spiking neural networks”, Physical Review Applied 14, 014096 (2020).

2. Y. Li*, L. Pierobon, M. Charilaou, H.-B. Braun, N. R. Walet, J. F. Löffler, J. J. Miles, and C. Moutafis*, “Tunable terahertz oscillation arising from Bloch-point dynamics in chiral magnets”, Physical Review Research 2, 033006 (2020).

1. L. Pierobon*, C. Moutafis*, Y. Li, J. F. Löffler, and M. Charilaou, “Collective antiskyrmion-mediated phase transition and defect-induced melting in chiral magnetic films”, Scientific Reports 8, 16675 (2018).

Ferromagnetic resonance

2. H. J. Waring, Y. Li, N. A. B. Johansson, C. Moutafis, I. J. Vera-Marun, and T. Thomson*, “Exchange stiffness constant determination using multiple-mode FMR perpendicular standing spin waves”, Journal of Applied Physics, 133, 063901 (2023).

1. H. J. Waring*, Y. Li, C. Moutafis, I. J. Vera-Marun, and T. Thomson*, “Magnetization dynamics in synthetic ferromagnetic thin films”, Physical Review B 104, 014419 (2021).

My PhD thesis

Topological spin textures in three dimensions: dynamics, stability, and emergent electromagnetics, University of Manchester, 2022.

* Corresponding author(s); # Equal contribution